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Strange Cake: Crafting Musical Magic in the Studio and Beyond

May 30, 2023

In the heart of Central Coast, California, a band known as Strange Cake is on the brink of a creative explosion. With over 40 songs currently in the works and nearing completion, their passion for their craft is unwavering. These five talented musicians have created an atmosphere of inspiration and growth, propelling their music to new heights. In a rare view behind the curtain, let’s dive into the dynamic production process of Strange Cake, highlighting their constant progression, their collaborative spirit, and their exceptional visual storytelling through recent music videos and live display on large LED video walls.

My name is Harley Savij, I’m an independent journalist who recently received a unique opportunity to contribute to the Strange Cake blog. As a writer for the renowned publication, Obvious Truth and The Incident, I thrive on the intricacies of music and art. Getting the chance to meet and interact with the members of Strange Cake is a dream and I am already gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of the band. As always, I am eager to delve into the creative process, the band’s dynamic, and the inspirations that fuel their music. I look forward to providing readers with an exclusive glimpse into the vibrant world of Strange Cake. I will do my best to capture the essence of their music and lives.

Last Saturday I sat down with Isaac Horton, the keyboardist and Aaron Burger, the band leader and guitar player. I asked as many questions I could think of. Following is a summary of what I learned in that afternoon.

Constant Progression and the Craft of Music

At the core of Strange Cake’s success lies their unwavering commitment to honing their musical skills. With over 40 songs written and currently in the final stages of production, the band’s dedication to their craft is palpable. Day in and day out, they pour their hearts and souls into perfecting each melody, riff, and groove. This relentless pursuit of musical excellence is what sets Strange Cake apart, pushing them to evolve and innovate with every track they create.

A Harmonious Collaboration

Within the Strange Cake family, a spirit of collaboration and inspiration thrives. Each band member brings their unique musical perspective and style to the table, constantly pushing each other to be better. Through late-night jam sessions and open-minded exploration, they seamlessly merge their talents, creating a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. The synergy they share is infectious, igniting a creative fire that fuels their artistic progression.

Zac Cornejo, the heartbeat behind Strange Cake, is a drummer who possesses an impressive musical pedigree. With a career that spans numerous bands and performances at prestigious venues around the world, he brings a wealth of experience and skill to the rhythm section. Having played with Ourobouros, a band that toured extensively throughout the United States and graced legendary stages such as the Fillmore and the Catalyst, Zac has proven his ability to command the attention of audiences with his dynamic and precise drumming style. Additionally, his involvement in approximately 10 other bands, including CriticNue, showcases his versatility and dedication to his craft. Zac’s exceptional drumming serves as a driving force within Strange Cake, constantly challenging and inspiring his bandmates to elevate their performances. With his solid sense of rhythm and impeccable timing, Zac Cornejo is a true model of a perfect drummer, keeping the band on their toes and ensuring that their music reaches new heights.

At the helm of Strange Cake stands the band’s leader, Aaron Burger, a musical force to be reckoned with. With an extensive background in various bands, including his time with Ourobouros, Aaron’s journey as a musician has been marked by diverse experiences and a continuous pursuit of artistic growth. However, it is within Strange Cake that his creative brilliance truly shines. Responsible for the majority of the band’s songwriting and arrangement, Aaron’s contributions lay the foundation for their infectious sound. Despite his quiet and understated demeanor offstage, once he picks up a guitar and steps behind the microphone, he transforms into a musical demon, unleashing a captivating energy that electrifies audiences. Aaron’s ability to craft mesmerizing melodies and compelling lyrics showcases his deep connection to music, as he effortlessly guides Strange Cake on a journey of sonic exploration and emotional resonance. In the world of Strange Cake, Aaron Burger’s talent and leadership form the backbone of their success, making him an indispensable figure in the band’s musical tapestry.

Brent Williams, the lead guitar virtuoso of Strange Cake, is a true maestro of his craft. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phish, his guitar playing carries the spirit of improvisation and adventure. With his PRS guitar, a stunning beauty in its own right, Brent crafts soaring leads that have the power to captivate audiences with infectious energy. But it’s not just his technical prowess that sets him apart; it’s his tone that truly takes his playing to another dimension. Whether it’s a searing solo or a melodic lick, Brent’s ability to coax soulful and mesmerizing sounds from his instrument is truly out of this world. Beyond his work with Strange Cake, Brent also lends his talents to other bands like Donna Lu & Friends, demonstrating his versatility and passion for creating music. As a cornerstone of Strange Cake’s epic sound, Brent’s guitar wizardry adds a layer of enchantment that elevates the band’s performances to new heights.

We can’t leave out the Bass!! Adam Bouman is the groove maestro on the bass guitar for Strange Cake. With a funky papadodiggle vibe, Adam brings an infectious energy to the rhythm section that gets bodies moving and feet tapping. Alongside his contributions to Strange Cake, he also lends his talents to other notable bands like the Shane Stoneman Band, further showcasing his versatility as a musician. But it’s not just Adam’s bass playing that makes him stand out; his sense of humor is just as captivating as his musical skills. On and off the stage, his witty remarks and playful banter add an extra layer of entertainment to the band’s performances. Adam’s ability to keep the audience grooving with his bass lines while simultaneously making them burst into laughter is a testament to his natural charisma and charm. With his exceptional musicianship and entertaining personality, Adam Bouman is an integral part of Strange Cake, ensuring that every performance is not only musically exceptional but also an all-around entertaining experience.

Isaac Horton, a multitalented musician with a rich history in the music industry, is an invaluable asset to the fabric of Strange Cake. Isaac’s passion for music runs deep. His dedication to his craft led him through a musical journey first learning guitar and later getting into drums. In his twenties, Isaac ventured into the realm of keys, mastering the piano and Hammond organ. His proficiency in these instruments is unparalleled, and he has become renowned as the funk keyboard smasher within Strange Cake. Specializing in vintage tones reminiscent of the glorious 70s, Isaac’s command over the Hammond organ, Rhodes, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, and Analog Synth is awe-inspiring. Moreover, Isaac’s contributions to Strange Cake go beyond his musical prowess. He takes on the role of the brains behind the band’s business development, leveraging his expertise in visual animation and technology. In addition, Isaac manages his own business, Light Eyes, which provides visual services for music, showcasing his creativity and innovation. With his vast musical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Isaac Horton is a driving force within Strange Cake, adding a touch of vintage charm and technological innovation to their captivating sound.

The Visual Stimulation of Strange Cake

Not only are they masters of their instruments, but Strange Cake also understands the importance of captivating their audience visually. Their recent music videos have proven to be exceptional, showcasing a remarkable talent for storytelling and visual stimulation. Through vivid cinematography and imaginative narratives, Strange Cake’s music videos transport listeners into a multi-dimensional experience. This visual harmony perfectly complements their musical expression, creating a truly immersive journey for their fans.

Strange Cake’s music videos exemplify their dedication to creating a multi-sensory experience for their audience. Through the fusion of captivating visuals and evocative musical compositions, they invoke emotions that resonate deeply.

Strange Cake is a band that exemplifies the boundless possibilities of artistic growth and expression. With over 40 songs nearing completion in the studio, their constant progression is undeniable. Their collaborative spirit ignites an endless cycle of inspiration and improvement. Moreover, their exceptional music videos highlight their talent for visual storytelling, showcasing their ability to create a harmonious marriage of sight and sound. As Strange Cake continues to evolve, we eagerly await the sonic and visual delights they have in store for us. Keep an eye out for this powerhouse of funk and creativity—they are a force to be reckoned with.